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After we receive your initial information and request for contact, we will call or email you according to your preference.  This first contact is to briefly explain how NYCEC works for you and the process we use to help with your school search.  We also discuss our various consulting service options and price list.  Once you select a service option, we will send a written agreement to you, and upon return of that agreement, we will begin working with you to explore your school options.

Our services range from a one-time phone call to discuss your family and the admissions process to a premium Admissions Assistance option where we are with you throughout the entire admissions process.  Contact us today to see what is best for you and your family.

Admissions Assistance

Our Premium Package

In addition to our consulting services, we also provide you with tools to manage the admissions process from beginning to end.  In addition to email and telephone assistance, our proprietary templates and spreadsheets help keep you organized during your school search.  Keeping track of open houses, tours, interviews, and deadlines becomes a much easier task with the use of our tools.  Included in this package is interview assistance, help with questions to ask, review of essays and applications, and having us call schools on your behalf with questions.   Contact us today to see if what is best for you and your family.

Mid Year Transfers and Relocation Services

While many schools don’t have the option for a mid year transfer, some do have openings in select grades.  We can help contact schools for you to see where there might be room and help you with the admissions process.

Late Applications

If you have decided to apply to a school outside of the regular admissions season, we can guide you in that process by offering the same services as our premium package, but due to the abbreviated time, you must realize that the options for enrollment might not be as robust as during the regular season.  Most schools have a firm deadline for admissions, but some do have rolling admissions or keep a wait list over the summer should there be some last minute attrition.

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If you feel your child needs an extra boost to help gain entrance to a new school, our consultation services includes sharing names of tutors and specialists who can help your child build skills and confidence during the admissions process.  Many students who are applying for grades above kindergarten take advantage of some extra tutoring or test prep when applying to new schools.  If we determine through our initial conversation that this is something your family would like to pursue, we will recommend people who can help you.

We also work with some of NYC’s best educational psychologists.  If you suspect your child is underperforming and needs a specialist who will help you discover your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses, we can provide recommendations of reputable, trusted professionals.

A-La-Carte Services

Interview Prep

If you or your child is nervous about the interview, we offer private sessions to help prepare you for the interview process. Tips, what to expect, and typical questions are discussed, and mock interviews are held for students.

Application Review

NYCEC will not complete your applications for you, but do offer a review service to make sure your answers are complete and edited for grammar and content. The application is the first look a school will get at your family so it needs to be done well.

Essay Help/Review

For students who must write an essay as part of their application, we offer full assistance for those who need help getting started and working through the process and we offer essay review for students who are comfortable writing their essay but need another pair of eyes to look it over and make suggestions. The Essay is an opportunity to let the schools know about you the student and hear your voice for the first time.

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Contact us today to see what is best for you and your family.

We believe that getting to know your family is crucial to finding the right school.

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